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Here is information you will find on this website:


1. Information on passenger cargo ships, often called comboships.  This was once a great way to travel.  These ships had the informality of a cargo ship with the amenities of a luxury liner.


2. Political articles and notes including the following:


3. The San Diego Marine Information System:  This has information on the Port of San Diego including ship arrivals and departures, photos, information on the bay, and charts.  (I worked on this as part of a contract that the Port of SD had with the California Maritime Academy.)


4. Videos on YouTube.  These include videos of a couple of Grace Line comboships, ship rides with pilots and Chile in the 1940s and 1950s.


5.  Pictures of ship models including some from Revell.

6.  PDF Documents (These can be downloaded.  Some are large and can take a few seconds)

      7. Neighborhood Watch and Crime Prevention

      8. Early History of Bonita Bel-Aire

      9. Pdf Documents
             History A

             History B

             History C

             History D



      Some seasonal pictures taken in Bonita, CA and in Cottontown TN:

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      NOTE:  All pictures on this site were taken by me (some with my Brownie Hawkeye camera--which I still have) or are from old travel brochures that have no copyright notices.